My parents had been searching for a life partner for me but were unsuccessful. We had tried many marriage counselors and websites but it was of no use. Then one of my office colleagues recommended that we should avail services of Perfect Jodi. That was the turning point in my life. Perfect Jodi staff was very helpful and understanding and worked hard with dedication to finding me a match. Farrukh and I are happily married and are blessed with the beautiful son now. May Allah bless Perfect Jodi for their efforts.

I live and work in the UK. I was introduced to my wife courtesy of Perfect Jodi. We both liked each other and after a brief courtship, we decided to get married. I am so grateful firstly to Allah (SWT) and then to Perfect Jodi Staff for we are leading a very happy life in the UK.

I and mom were looking for a match for me everywhere and got tried then my friend recommended me Perfect Jodi. I was very happy with their services because they provided every detail what we needed and match 95% of our requirements then I met Urooj and now we are happily married all thanks to Perfect Jodi.

Salaams Saima I would like to bear testimony to the excellent service that you provided me. From the first time, I met you I was so impressed with your attention to detail to ensure that you introduce me to the type of person that I was looking for. You listened to what I was saying but you also took note of my character and special qualities that you so aptly used to demonstrate why I would be a good husband to a prospective candidate. You took the time to be selective in the introductions that you presented to me and I must admit that the caliber of the ladies was of the highest standard. You were always spoken off very highly by the candidates and it was apparent to me how much they trusted and respected you. Despite my uncertainty about prospective candidates you were very patient with me and allowed me the time to make up my own mind. I appreciated that you were always available to listen and always offered me an advice from a neutral and non-bias point of view. The fact that you always placed my interest first and was always willing to assist me in whichever way you could really make me feel special. In addition to you being Islamic orientated, kind hearted, compassionate, caring, soft-spoken, eloquent and so many other wonderful characteristics made my experience truly memorable. It is very clear to me that you genuinely care about your clients and that the Almighty Allah has blessed you with a wonderful gift of uniting hearts. There are not enough words to express my true gratitude to you. I thank you profusely for being so amazing and for making an insurmountable difference to my life. May Almighty Allah reward you in abundance for all that you have done for so many people and all that you will continue to do.

My name is Khalil Khan, I’m 38 yrs. old, I was recently Divorced. After a year of being single, I decided I was ready to meet someone new and move on with life and to fulfill my dream of a happy marriage and a child.

Unfortunately, I realized going back out in the world and trying to find a partner is difficult especially at my age, many women my age or even younger are married and even if you were to see someone you cannot really approach them. I was then referred to Perfect Jodi by a friend of mine who apparently met his wife through this service and I decided to give it a try. I would now like to take this opportunity to thank Laraib Khan on the excellent service she has provided thus far. Laraib Khan set up an interview where she took the time to listen to my story. Immediately thereafter she put me in contact with a few women also looking for partners. she also took the time to provide me with advice on marriage and relationships. She came across more as a friend trying to help you than a person Running Business So for that Thank you for the wonderful service. I Will be in touch with you again soon.